The I2PANEMA project

  • I2PANEMA at IPIC 2021
    I2PANEMA was present at the International Physical Internet Conference 2021 with a paper and a presentation on “Smart IoT solutions for ports paving the way towards PI nodes” in the session ” Smart technologies and applications in Physical Internet Ports and Hubs”.
  • Successful 2nd review
    On June 9th, the ITEA project I²PANEMA successfully completed the 2nd review meeting in its second project year. The ITEA review team gave, same as lastyear, a positive and encouraging feedback to the partners of the international project team with respect to the results and the progress achieved so far. A wide range of topics… Read More »
  • Watch the Business Scenario video to learn more about I2PANEMA project!
    The video introduces to the seven Business Scenarios of the I2PANEMA project. Click on post to watch.
  • Paper on IDS and I2PANEMA
    The researcher of the Univerisity of Rostock and Fraunhofer Institute of Material Flow and Logistics in Dortmund discussed the synergies of International Data Space and the IoT-reference architecture of our I2PANEMA-project. The results were presented on the 16th IEEE International Conference on Factory Communcation Systems in Porto, Portugal. Further details available as Paper (PDF) Presentation… Read More »
  • “We are progressing” – 3rd Technical Plenary Meeting in Istanbul
    The 3rd Techinal Plenary Meeting took place from 3-5 Feburary 2020 in Istanbul. Hosted by Turkcell the project partners had the possibility to consolidate their IoT business scenarios and their innovations. Moreover, we planned the next three-month period of the project and advanced our architectural considerations. All participants were encouraged to engage in discussion. We… Read More »
  • Technical Plenary Meeting at Valencia
    In October 2019 the 2nd technical plenary meeting took place for three days. It brought together all partners to inform each other on relevant technical issues and consolidate business scenarios as well as their KPIs. The business scenarios are encouraging and attractive. All project partners are motivated and look forward to a good cooperation.
  • The I2PANEMA-project started successfully!
    In June 2019 all international partners met in Dortmund, Germany, for the kick-off meeting of the I2PANEMA-project. From Turkey, Spain and Germany 25 project members sharpened the eye to get I2PANEMA started. Technical details as well as administrative details were discussed. Furthermore, the exploration phase for the Use Cases started. The partners gathered ideas. The… Read More »