What is I2PANEMA?

The main goal of I2PANEMA is to increase the digitalization in ports and creating opportunities for new business areas. Therefore, the project is aiming technical goals to increase efficiency by innovative measures for traffic control as well as improvement of environmental factors by reducing emissions (dust, noises or smell) and optimizing energy efficiency. In short, I2PANEMA aims to deploy the power of IoT to improve port operations, making them more efficient and sustainable.

IoT-enabled Port Operations

Summarizing the technical goals the project should develop an IoT port reference architecture for operational use in ports; increase the robustness of transport chains by data integration, management and analysis as well as robust communication infrastructure for IoT applications in ports and interoperability of stakeholders in ports and their IT-systems. The result is the development of a reference architecture, taking into account the different business scenarios in the port area. Barriers like data security and the lack of integration of existing, heterogeneous IT systems need to be overcome. The architectural findings are planned to be contributed to standardisation bodies such as Industry 4.0 RAMI and should pave the way towards networks of smart ports.

Further information: https://itea3.org/project/i2panema.html

Watch the video about the I2PANEMA Business Scenarios.